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Fancy Ape Self Promo Mini Figure

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Illustration, Packaging, and Interactivity are my main strength in graphic design right now That's why I have decided to create a self promo item that clearly shows these 3 capabilities. A custom toy wrapped in a nice packaging, designed and crafted by myself. Here, I wanted to show that I have other capabilities other than creating a 2D prints design. This toy will be sent together with my cover letter and CV when applying jobs for my desired companies. The Toy Personally I always feel something tangible and compact feels good when you hold it, and it can be kept for a long period of time. One other thing is that I have big interest in toys, and most of my artwork are inspired by toys around me. About the shape Monkey is an animal that represents fun intelligence. A monkey likes to do whatever they want, active yet it has high intelligence, sometimes you may call it 'tricky'. Monkey reflects my personality as a graphic designer, and as a person. To make the toy attractive I've decided to make it in a shape of a monkey dressing fancy with blazers and tie, not to forget my favourite rolltop backpack to add a bit of my personal profile. Inside The Box The packaging is designed with a minimal graphic for the exterior to make it looks clean while making the holder curious. While you open the actual thing, there will be a black card attached, it serves as one of the packaging element, and it has my business card information. The interior of the packaging will be filled with my hand drawn illustration. When you open the next layer of the packaging, there will be a QR code that leads to my personal portfolio online for people to view from their mobile phones. What comes next is the main thing, the Toy itself secured inside with an instruction manual. The Instruction manual shows what to do with the toy and mixed with a bit of my personal information and my info about my capabilities as graphic designer, it's some kind of mini CV. At the back of the head The thing pointing out at the back of the head is the monkey's brain. It's a mini USB for the receiver to access my portfolio and other personal work. It is an element to represent part of my thinking process. Credits to Russell Seah for helping me with the photographs.

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