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Allan the little brown Morlo

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Morlos are unique plushie-sculpture creatures made from different types of fabcris and furs. The faces are handmolded and made from clay or Super Sculpey. Every Morlo is a one-of-a-kind creature made by Illustrator Ankat Hermanns who just can't stop making these lovely little beings.
  • Allan the little brown Morlo

    Allan can't wait to climb into your life!
    Another Morlo who was found in the garden of my parents. He was sitting at the foot of a tree and climbed it asap when I tried to approach him. After I waited for a while (of course frozen) it came down again and enjoyed a sunbath. But all the time it made sure it would be able to be back up the tree in seconds. After I visited his tree a few times with cookies in my hands he became so tame that he lived in a pot plan next to my window.

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