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For all those who can't create poetry, compose a song, invent a superhero, draw a comic, make a sculpture, a painting, and much less a movie, we wish to invoke the artist inside us all, we dedicate this project to you.
  • Bee-Killer

    After the great apocalyptic war not many things survived , mostly insects and plant life. There where no humans left on this planet and the 2st great insect war begun to see who will rule the Earth and end up on the top of the food chain. Many harsh seasons passed abd bees ended supreme rules as far as the eye could see. These where prosperous times society flourished the rest of the insect kingdom was ruled with an iron fist. But there as the prophecy foretold there would be a great divide among the bee kingdom in the near future and this my friends is where we begin the 2nd great insect war between the bee's. Since the last empress had twins they are both in line to succeed, but it ts a fight to the death, even though they are brothers they have never seen eye to eye. This si where the legend begins, Bee-Killer vs Bee-asty.

    Here to rule what is left of this planet is the 6" tall (15cm) Bee - Killer. He comes with 2 pairs of wings and a huge set of vinyl stickers to decorate and customize and make your own. Choose from 10 unique colors and collect them all!
    Great for DIY!!!

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