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Bertie The Pipebomb

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Bigshot Toyworks handled the design, sculpting, and manufacturing for Ashley Wood's "Bertie The Pipebomb" figure in both Desert Rat and Dirty Deeds colorways.
  • Ashley Wood is one of the most respected comic book and concept artists of our time. He has worked with every major comic book and game publisher in the world, he's made toys with McFarlane, Medicom, Sideshow and others but when he was looking to partner up with a company that had the technical knowledge and intuitive understanding of his vision and style, Bigshot Toyworks was the only company able to realize his vision in ways that he did not expect or even dream of.

    Using our state-of-the-art digital modeling techniques, 20 years of toy design expertise, top-quality manufacturing facilities, and uncompromising project management skills, we were able to bring Bertie to life in all its 1/6th-scale glory. Standing 14" tall and featuring an impressive 46 points of movement, an array of accessories, and a box that is suitable for framing (and built like a tank), Bertie is sure to be a sought after collectible plaything long after all our bones turn to dust.

    At the risk of tooting our own horn, we're damn proud of this guy.

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