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Bugs and Plush

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The HAPPIGS are a modern take on a traditional mexican piggy bank, making it more modern and minimalistic but at the same time keeping the essential characteristics of a normal piggy bank.
  • Happigs: 
    Being born from a mother that has a bad reputation, rumors are that she participated in a series of passionate encounters with lab rabbits, happig was the result of this. He has a serious case of multiple personality disorder passed down from generation to generation. He possesses a strong immune system which makes him immune to all types of viruses an bacteria being earth-ground and alien to this planet. There exist the myth that he is responsible in causing an outbreak of the swine flu and the H1N1. He suffers from an unknown illness causing him seizures called "fuck anxiety". These seizures happen unexpectedly. If you see him keep your distance.

  • Happig Nopal 
  • Happig Plush 
  • 4 piece ceramic set of Happigs -6.2"(16 cm). Made out of 100% Mexican ceramic called "Talavera" they are all hand painted in representation of an indiginous art-form found in the state of Puebla. These designs are all unique and no two pieces are the same. The patterns found on these pieces are abstract forms mixed in with nature elements.
  •  Happig Cone Feet
  • Happigs Metal Finish

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