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Buxxxer Sex Toys for Kokoro, 2012

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Buxxxer Sex Toys, Geena, Clitt, Woody. A set of animated sex toys with an added value of emotion to them. Each piece comes with it's own unique expression, that transmits the appropriate mood of the scenario that they are used in. Based on the size and shape of each head the user can choose between a variety of sexual stimulation, hence the names. These toys express a certain innocence to the idea of pleasure.
    Buxxxer collection is the first collection of Pleasure toys produced by Kokoro: a series of vibratoys with a funny, alluring and smiling look. The colllection is composed of three pleasure toys: Geena, Clitt e Woody, which were born out of an idea by Diego Corsi. The products are the result of a deep research which began with a series of co-design workshops about pleasure and sexual wellbeing.

    • Geena is a intimate massager, the funniest of the series.
    • Clitt is a clitoral stimulator, the most engaging.
    • Woody, the most determined has been designed to support the ergonomy.

    All the buxxxer vibratoys have been design with a soft material, totally anallegric and phtalate-free, the rigid body made of ABS reduces the vibrations and the noise.

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