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Project includes: theoretical research and analysis of analogs, concept selection, naming, logo and sub-logos, design of box, labels and stickers, promotion posters, color palettes, manual patterning on product.
    visual identity system for brand of vinyl toys

  • Full projectincludes:  theoretical research and analysis of analogs, concept selection, naming,logo and sub-logos, design of box, labels and stickers, promotion posters,color palettes, manual patterning on product.
  • Part 1. Input
  • Custumer of project (creator of vinil toys – Andrey Dostovalov) provided a product line of 5 figures 5-7 cm hight and name of future brand «CHELOBUKS». Our goal was to create a flexible system allowing to add unlimited number of new items, choose the concept style and draw individual modern graphics to create a sustainable brand image, consider the experience of colleagues and trends.As for me, is not only a commercial project but the creative alliancewith talented person.

  • Part 2. Search

    In the work we settled on the theme of totems as use figures as mascots is rooted in the deep past, and it is the best suited for our project with vinyl toys. As an analogy and inspiration were taken ethnic motifs, ancient ornaments combined with arcane symbols, complex graphics and diverse color palettes.In this case would be more accurate to say this is not a font but rather a graphic signs or lettering.
    We have tried different versions of the design and materials for the box. Final version: the outer part ofthe wood and the inside of the box (filled with ornaments - integrators). Wood refers to the ancient totem statues made ​​of wood, looks stylish and adds structural strength.
  • Part 3. Accepted design & results

    Based on the main logo were created logos for all the toys & short version ofeach- color-coded grapheme.
    Each toy has its own name, a unique color scheme, graphics, but they are all still in common style. Ornament on toys made ​​manually with tempera paint for this limited edition.

  • Published at Chois Package vol.06 / Winner of Epicase competition (2012)

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