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Custom Blythe - CaramelPOPS Pixie Stix

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Custom Blythe order
  • Custom Blythe - CaramelPOPS Pixie Stix
    Candydoll made for Lawdedas
  • Pixie Stix here is made specially for lovely Lawdedas! I've been working on this girl for a month and a half, her lovely light pink mohair is rerooted by RonMac. Its so soft and fluffy and smells oh-so-nice! She sent me her EBL dolly shortly after seeing Launshae's Pinkie Pie and I'm so happy to make a dolly for her!

    Her brief to me was straight forward, she'll like lots of pink, candy elements and more pink! I'm delighted about how she turned out and Lawdedas herself was absolutely stoked to have seen her pics.

    I am taking commissions should you want a candy doll made by me.
    Please contact me at for more details.

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