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Customised SkullSkin

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My interpretation of Ajee's SkullSkin figure, approx 11 inches tall. Hand-painted with acrylic paints.
  • SkullSkin custom - front.
  • SkullSkin facing left. Showing half-sleeve detail.
  • SkullSkin half-sleeve tattoo detail.
  • Close-up of SkullSkin half-sleeve tattoo detail, Skulls, Whaling Ship, flower and swallow.
  • Close-up of half-sleeve tattoo detail, focusing on flower, scroll and swallow details.
  • SkullSkin showing back left, with rear of sleeve detail and back tattoo.
  • SkullSkin Rear.
  • SkullSkin rear, low angle showing tattoo detail.
  • SkullSkin rear, high angle showing tattoo detail on neck and shoulderblade.
  • SkullSkin back right.
  • SkullSkin facing right.
  • SkullSkin Roses tattoo close-up.
  • SkullSkin neck and shoulder tattoo close-up.
  • SkullSkin "BABY" knuckle tattoo close-up.
  • SkullSkin "DOLL"knuckle tattoo close-up.
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