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Dudebox 4ft Custom Toy

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Custom 4ft Scrat Dudebox Launch
  • Dudebox Launch 2012 custom Scrat by 2much
  • i had the honor to paint this 4ft (~120 cm) scrat for the Dudebox launch party in my this year in london. it was a great experience and i had an awesome time!

    the idea was to paint a dude full of colorful characters and charms coverd by gray color. the "face" part isn't a face, it's a koi fish surrounding a dark spot (the eye) and the wing of a bird imitating the grin of the dude.. hope you get the point on that.. ^^

    you'll find more work in progress pictures and inforamtions here in my blog.
  • thank you for this great movie about my journey in london!
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