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Ella the bunny Morlo

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Morlos are unique plushie-sculpture creatures made from different types of fabcris and furs. The faces are handmolded and made from clay or Super Sculpey. Every Morlo is a one-of-a-kind creature made by Illustrator Ankat Hermanns who just can't stop making these lovely little beings.
  •  Ella the Bunny Morlo

    Ella can't wait to hop into your life! She was found by me on our roof ...
    Bunny-Morlos tend to live on the roofs in big cities. They hide up there pretty well! Did you ever see a bunny-morlo!? No! Right! THAT shows how good they can hide! I am so lucky that it seems that I own a certain talent when it is about creatures like Morlos. They kinda like me. At the beginning she was really wild but became tame when she realized I really cared for her.
  • Ella the Bunny-Morlo / 85€
  • Ella the Bunny-Morlo / 85€

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