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Geeky Amoeba Plush Toys

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Cute hand-made one of a kind plush Amoeba Artist Toys. Each one is totally unique, all are geeky and awesome. These suckers can be hung anywhere by their weight supporting flagellum (tails)! Perfect for the geek in all of us.
  • These one-of-a-kind plush amoebas are lovingly sewn out of soft cuddly fleece and vibrant amoeba-shaped felt designs. Each detail is hand stitched and embroidered. The flagellum (tail) is even pose-able, so this little guy can hang onto tree branches, poles, ledges, furniture, hooks, and more! Don't worry, he is not contagious and won't bite. This particular strain of Cuddle Bacteria has an affinity for crawling into chairs and beds with people when they are not looking... then WHaM! They deliver a hug!
  • individual Amoeba's for sale here:

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