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Jep, the classy hedgehog

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A fine specimen of evolution, from his spiky wilderness to a high sense of classy fashion, this hedgehog comes to share some top-of-the-class conversations with you, and a cup of tea!
  • Jep, the classy hedgehog
    A few months back I found a little hedgehog walking around the streets, I took a picture and let him go, since in the Netherlands is illegal to have one of these at home, and they are not very keen on people.
  • Anyhow, the little guy was pretty friendly and he slowly walked away after our gretting, such class and finese, so he gave me a pretty cool idea!
  • Here is a short "making of"
  • And finally the 3D print!!
    Bring this little guy to share a few cups of tea with you by 3D printing from my shop at Shapeways:
    Thank you!

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