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Kikazale (Hear No Evil) bamboo custom toy

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Original hand made custom toy design
  • This is the original custom toy I designed. I have laser cut/engrave many different bamboo materials and a little bit of acrylic board then I hand assembled all the parts to create 3D object. I hand colored, stained and sanded. I made total of 4 bodies for now. It is available for purchase here.
  • It's about 3 inch tall. 
  • vintage stain finish.
  • Backside.
  • I have all the parts laser cut and engraved the design and these are all the parts to build one.
  • Assembly in process
  • Here is the vector draft of the robot design.
  • Initial sketch on my Moleskine.
  • I am really happy with the result. Because of the natural material, (Bamboo is also very ecological material by the way,) and I finish each piece by hand, there is nice personality to each of these.

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