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  • Lunartik Mini Series 2
    12 Fresh Flavours, 4 Special Brews and 1 Super Rare Collectors Tea!
  • Pre-order Now from

    There are
    17 new Mini Teas to collect & love. Each figure stands 2.5” tall and is accompanied by:Tea Bag booklet, Collectors Card and the all important Tea Token!

    The 12 Fresh Flavours...
  •  ...and the 4 hard to find Special Brews!
  • Plus the SUPER RARE Collectors Tea!
    Here's a sneak peek! - These are limited to 200 signed and numbered pieces.
    Collect 19 Tea Tokens and claim yours - while stocks last!
  • Tea Tray DisplayA full "Tea Tray" holds 16 Mini Teas. With this you are guaranteed to get a complete full set of 12 Fresh Flavours and 1 or 2 Special Brews.
  • Mini Tea Packaging - Take-away Cups
  • Wild Shroom Tea
  • Mono Earl Tea
  • Licker Tea
  • Jasmin Tea
  • Pre-order Mini Tea Prices & Offers!

    Buy Single S2 "Mini Teas" - £6.99 each + P&P Click Here
    Buy S2 "Tea Trays" = £110.00 each Click Here

    Fill me up Deal: For only £15.00 extra you'll receive another 3 "Mini Teas"
    with any "Tea Tray" order.

    Only £125.00 Tea Tray Special Price
    This includes Free World Wide Delivery and Saves you £7.80 and Shipping costs.

    Over at

  • Pre-order now over at
  • Take-away Cup Packaging makes great display plinths.

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