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Mining Droid 301077: BOB

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Whilst in my final year of studies I had created these two characters: BOB, a 301077 mining droid and Sebastian, a good deed droid. I created the figures, hand painted them, designed the packaging and artworks. They never made it into production sadly.
  • This group of images comes from my final degree project that explored art toys and my love of all things science fiction.
    The artwork I used  was to promote both art toys consists of  the Deep Space Mining Corps latest mining droids: BOB the 301077 series, Built to extract ore in the most un-hospitable reaches of the galaxy, 24/7!
    What these temperamental grunts lacks in social etiquette, make up in their hard working attitude.... well most of the time?

    Sebastian was created by the Omni Cybernetics Corp as a good deed droid, essentially they wonder the streets offering assistance to the public. Due to prolonged exposure to the elements these friendly little droids started to demonstrate glitches which made them more of a hindrance than help.

    Neither of these art toys ever made it into production :-(

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