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Mulch Diggums

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Scultpure made during my first year of study on the BA modelmaking degree at university
  • Mulch Diggums
    Character Design
  • The character Mulch Diggums comes from the Artemis Fowl childrens books written by Eoin Colfer.

    This sculpture was created for one of my first year projects at university titled Media Solutions. We were given a selection of books and told to develop an idea for one of the characters.

    Mulch Diggums is described as a kleptomaniac, expert burglar who is infamous for his powerful and deadly flatulence. As a dwarf he can tunnel underground using his unhinged jaws at high speeds.

    There are some fantastic illustrations around for the character, but i decided to approach the project with a steampunk style.  
  • I used a range of materials and processes to make the model including the the lathe, mill and various tools around the workshop. Most of the sculpture was done with milliput and the painting was a combination of celluose and acrylics.

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