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  • Paper Toys
    Original paper model and character designs
  • I started making paper toys my freshman year in high-school and have been designing and building them ever since. Here are some of the toys that I have designed over the years. If you'd like to make any of the paper toys in this entry, email me at:

    and let me know which template you want.
  • This is the "CheeBee" paper toy model. It comes in a 3 inch and 6 inch sizes.
  • This is the "Swingah" paper toy. The Swingah stands in at 6 inches tall, and is equipped with moving, swingable arms.
  • This is "FishBoi" he is made using the CheeBee template.
  • This is "Winnifred" he is made using the CheeBee template.
  • This is the "Dragoon", a character made using the Swingah template.
  • This is the "Centaur" paper toy model. He is about 6 inches tall. Unfortunately I haven't been able to perfect the template yet, so I'm not giving out the template or making any custom skins of it in it's current state.
  • Another shot of the "Centaur" paper toy.

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