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TAINER BOY x Bazak - Customized toy

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Tainer boy x Bazak - Customized toy
  • TAINER BOY x Bazak
    Tainer Boy - Customized Toy
  • Tainer Boy is the result of the union between designers, graffiti artists and toy lovers Bisual and Bazak.
    The idea was to create a toy for graffiti artists, but with one goal in mind: become a platform where designers of any kind and any place in the world can contribute. We then had the idea to give “life” to a port container.

    So far, we have produced only a few units using traditional tools aimed to some artists, but our intention is go ahead with a limited production that should be available very soon.

    Tainer Boy is about 3.7” (9.4 cm) and is made of resin.

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