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Tamarin Monkey & His Magnificent Moustache Menagerie

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The Tamarin Monkey & His Magnificent Moustache Menagerie has a set of interchangeable moustache accessories. He becomes a different personality with each new moustache!
  • The Tamarin Monkey & His Magnificent Moustache Menagerie
    Because sometimes, one 'tash just isn't enough.
  • Tamarin Monkey wasn’t content with having just 1 magnificent moustache and so he decided to build up a ‘Magnificent Moustache Menagerie’ in order for him to wear a different moustache depending on his particular mood. To the best of his knowledge all the other Tamarin Monkeys are a little jealous of him. Objective achieved.
  • A moustache for every occasion.
  • This one suits both casual...
  • ...and formal events.
  • Solved any murder mysteries lately?
  • A handle bar tash is necessary for doing the dirty work.
  • The smaller tash is good for evening wear.  This one looks good with his tux.
  • It even looks good if you just fancy going out for a little stroll.

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