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The Story Teller

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Handmade, bespoke Plush Art- Limited edition, only 1 available Measures (15"x26"x11") Not including staff. Mixed brown and long blonde luxury faux fur, with hand painted detail and casted resin claws. (Fully posable head/jointed and bendable arms. Wooden staff and wisdom 'found' monicle) Please Note that these are NOT toys and are NOT suitable for young children
  • The Story Teller- Art Toy
  • On a blustery afternoon, this curious creature appeared through the monster flap at the workshop and greeted us like old friends. He carried the most interesting of articles. The first, was what looked like a gnarly stick that was now used as a walking aid adorned with a encrusted jewel and broken claw, possibly the keepsake from a previous battle. The strip lights reflected in the interesting choice of head ware, a monocle that strengthened the sight in his one-eye. Judging by the behavior of the others monsters, there seemed to be an unspoken respect towards the story teller, even the most feral of monster are quiet in his presence and would sit patiently beside him. which leads us to believe that he is sharing his stories of his adventures.

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