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USBdolls - stylish - kwaii - pendrive

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USBdolls is my first project as creative director of NumB-design©. My mission is to bring style and color to consumer electonics world through these little dolls. I drew them with my endless love for gadgets, toys, and pop-culture and I hope you like them!! They only have high speed and top quality chip inside (Samsung, Hynix and Toshiba). USBdolls will arrive to your home in their fancy gift box, their certificate and necklace to bring them always with you! Adopt all of them and enjoyyyy!!! Benny
  • USBdolls by Numb-design®
    stylish and kawaii pendrives
  • USBdolls are a project born in 2009. I was teaching graphic design in Rome and I used to take everyday 2 buses to go to work and the same to come back home, so when I found a seat :) I used to sketch dolls on my moleskine...then I wanted my dolls to come to life and, most of all, I wanted them to be useful and to take happiness in everyday life...
  • The first doll I drew was Nebby, the one from NY. I'm in love with United States so I decided my first doll had to be a stylish, metropolitan, sweet girl from NY with afro hair...after many renders...she came to less than 2 months on all the little Nebbies were adopted!!! ^_^

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