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the story of Q

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This production design project involves creating concept and identity for a fictional company, as well as producing/packaging its product line.
  • Concept of the project
    Founded in 2012, “Q“ is a fictional company that creates a wide range of unique products ranging from mainly dolls and toys to school supplies, fashion, stickers, well as limited edition, high-end consumer products. The products sold at “Q“ represent environmental awareness, where most of the items are created with recycled and Eco-friendly materials. “Q” focuses on producing products that are a happy and positive, also encouraging friendly environment for everyone with their loving trademark character.
  • History
    As a child, I created a buddy in 2002, which is now known as “Q” (originally named, Ering). Like many other children, I liked to doodle. One of these drawings turned into “Q”, a character known for its cute expressions and friendly personality. He soon showed up on all my notebooks, and as I grew up, “Q” evolved as well. Today, “Q” is my trademark.

    Character profile
    One day, an orange fell from its tree and landed on toxic chemical/waste water, chemically mutating an orange into a friendly and cute living creature that is known as Q.

    Name: Q (originally named, Ering)
    Birthday: March 7
    Birthplace: Leavenworth, KS
    Gender: Neutral
    Height: 30”
    Type: Fruit (orange)
    Q Likes: clean and Eco-friendly environment, traveling, helping others, making new friends
  • The Q House
  • Two Qs in a Tub
    Q in the Box
    Post-it Notes Dispenser
    Final Products
  • Copyright © 2013 Sun Ju Lee. All rights reserved.

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